No, there is no minimum amount for investing. We believe that everyone has the right to invest, despite their ability or inability.
Your portfolio will be reviewed and rebalanced with your consultation by your Financial advisors every quarter. We will keep on providing necessary financial data and tools to keep you updated with industry trends.
Most investment professionals agree that, although it does not guarantee against loss, diversification is the most important component of reaching long-range financial goals while minimizing risk. Rebalancing means making regular adjustments to ensure you're still hitting your target allocation over time. All are important tools in managing investment risk.
At Eqbac, we prioritize the safety and security of your investments. Your assets invested through our platform are exclusively owned by you, our valued clients, and are entirely separate from our corporate assets. Eqbac does not possess any claim on these assets. Additionally, your funds and assets are safeguarded by global custodians, ensuring an added layer of protection. Your money and investments remain safe and beyond the reach of Eqbac.
  • SBM Mauritius for mutual funds & structure notes.
  • Citibank for Bonds.
  • Standard Chartered for Equities & ETF.

At the back end every client will have above 3 custodian segregated accounts opened

It's important to note that Eqbac acts solely as a trade enabler. All advisory responsibilities rest with the Advisor or the client. Eqbac does not provide advisory services and cannot be held accountable if the invested assets do not yield anticipated returns. It is crucial for customers to thoroughly read and comprehend the terms and conditions of their investments before making any decisions.

Eqbac does not provide advisory services. While Eqbac facilitates the trading of equities, bonds, and mutual funds, it does not engage in advisory roles. Clients or their appointed Advisors are responsible for all advisory aspects related to their investments. Eqbac's primary role is to provide a secure platform for trading and investment activities.

Yes, your data is secure on Eqbac, and can only be accessed by you and your financial planner.
We aim to be the simplest-to-use investment platform in the world.
Your money is absolutely safe on Eqbac! Your account is transacted only with your consent. Eqbac is Execution broker getting you best terms from exchanges and partner brokers. You are in complete control of your investments and other transactions, as neither the platform nor our partners deal with your money and assets. Eqbac is not fund manager to take decision on your behalf, its an Execution broker providing you access to financial instruments.
Yes, it is! Our account-aggregation system creates your portfolio by collating all your investments into one single platform.
Eqbac does not provide offline services - however, our dedicated investment managers will be of your assistance 24/7.
In the unlikely event of Eqbac ceasing its operations, rest assured that your interests remain our top priority. FSC, Mauritius, will diligently fulfill all customer obligations. Before the cessation, FSC will ensure that customer assets and/or funds are accounted for and promptly returned to our clients. Your peace of mind regarding your investments is our commitment, and we are dedicated to protecting your assets throughout our partnership.
It's crucial to understand that the assets invested through Eqbac belong solely to our clients. They are entirely separate from Eqbac's corporate assets. This separation ensures that your investments are held securely and independently. Eqbac does not have any claim or access to these client-owned assets, reaffirming our dedication to protecting your financial interests.
Eqbac does not allow users to add another person to their trading accounts.

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We operate under the governance and regulation of FSC Mauritius, holding the license number GB22200305 for 'Investment Dealer(Full-service dealer excluding underwriting).' This can be verified on the FSC website here.

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