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Who We Are And How To Contact Us

Eqbac is a trading name of Equitybasket Capital, a company incorporated in in Mauritius (186632 GBC). Equitybasket Capital website ( is therefore brought to you by Equitybasket Capital (“We”). We are authorised and regulated by the Financial Service Commission (Mauritius) (Financial Services Register number : GB22200305. Code: SEC – 2.1 B ) and have our registered office at Equitybasket Capital, C/o Amicorp (Mauritius) Limited, 6th Floor, Tower 1, Nexteracom Building, Ebene, Mauritius. To contact us, please email

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By using our site, you confirm that you accept these terms of use and that you agree to comply with them.If you do not agree to these terms, you must not use our site. We recommend that you print a copy of these terms for future reference or check back at regular intervals to ensure you are relying on the most up-to-date version of these terms.

There Are Other Terms That May Apply To You

These terms of use refer to the following additional terms, which also apply to your use of our site:Our Privacy Notice, which sets out the terms for the way we process any personal data we collect from you, or that you provide to us. By using our site, you consent to such processing, and you warrant that all data provided by you is accurate. Our Cookie Policy, which sets out information about the cookies on our site.

We May Make Changes To These Terms

We amend these terms from time to time. Every time you wish to use our site, please check these terms to ensure you understand the terms that apply at that time.

We May Make Changes To Our Site

We may update and change our site from time to time.

We May Suspend Or Withdraw Our Site

Our site is made available free of charge.

Email Terms of Use

The content of an email - which may include one or more attachments - is strictly confidential, and is intended solely for the use of the named recipient(s). If you’ve received this email in error, you’re not permitted to disclose, distribute or retain it - you’re requested to notify the sender immediately by return email and then delete it. Email isn’t necessarily secure or error-free; information could arrive late or contain viruses, or be incomplete, intercepted, corrupted, lost, or destroyed. It’s the responsibility of the named recipient(s) to ensure that emails are virus-free. Eqbac does not accept any liability for damage caused by any virus or other malware transmitted by this email.

No employee, contractor, or intermediary is authorised to conclude an agreement on behalf of any member of the Eqbac group by email, without express written confirmation by a duly authorised representative of that member.

The use or content of email is intended for the Eqbac group's business. If it’s used for any other purpose, the views expressed are those of the sender and no liability will attach to any member of the Eqbac group.

The Eqbac group reserves the right to monitor, access, intercept or block emails addressed to all Eqbac group addressees, in accordance with our email policy, as it applies from time to time.

Notwithstanding the Electronic Communications and Transactions Act, 2002 (“ECTA”), this email does not constitute a binding agreement, unless the terms thereof has been recorded in a duly executed document, signed by the parties. For the purposes of this disclaimer, notwithstanding the ECTA, “signed” shall mean a signature executed by hand on paper containing the document, or typing your name in the space provided on Eqbac Investment’s [e-signing system] containing the document, or an advanced electronic signature, as defined in the ECTA, applied to the document by the signatories.

SMS Terms of Use

Important notes

Please note the terms of use set out below. They are binding for all SMS’s. Please check this web page regularly for changes. The terms of use may change from time to time and without notice. The changed terms are also binding.

Please address disputes and complaints arising from the use of SMS’s to the Eqbac Client Protection & Compliance department at

Please read the Terms of use carefully before using any of our other web pages.

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  • Privacy policy
    1. Your privacy is important to us.
    2. Always ensure that we have your latest cell phone number, and alert us immediately if your cell phone has been lost or stolen.
    3. Personal information sent to us will be treated in accordance with our Privacy policy.
  • Disclaimer
    1. Eqbac will in no event be responsible for any direct, indirect, special or consequential loss or expense that may be attributable, directly or indirectly, to the use of SMS’s.
    2. Eqbac won’t be responsible for any interruption, delayed or failed transmission, loss of data, storage or delivery of information resulting from any cause.
    3. All the information sent by us via SMS is provided without any representation or warranty whatsoever, whether express or implied. In particular, Eqbac makes no representation or warranties about the correctness of any information contained, the suitability of any products or services mentioned or the soundness of any general advice offered in a SMS.
    4. In the event of SMS’s sent by Multi-Data on behalf of its client(s), Multi-Data/Eqbac accepts no obligation to verify the correctness of any information received from the clients and contained in such SMS’s, and disclaims liability for any errors.
  • Applicable law
    The use of, and information appearing in SMS's is governed and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Mauritius.
  • Intellectual property rights
    Nothing on any SMS should be construed as granting (by implication, estoppel, or otherwise) any license or right to use any intellectual property rights envisaged in the previous paragraph without our written permission. You may not use the name of Eqbac or our logo in any way without our prior written permission.
  • Breach
    Eqbac reserves the right to refuse to provide any SMS service if: (a) you breach any of these terms of use; (b) we’re unable to verify or authenticate any information you provide to us; or (c) we believe that you’re conducting activities that are illegal or abusive, or put Eqbac in disrepute.
  • Indemnity
    You agree to indemnify and hold harmless any member of the Eqbac group - and our respective directors, officers, employees, agents, licensors, suppliers and any third party information providers - from and against all losses and expenses (including attorney and own client costs), resulting from you violating any of these terms of use.

Secure Services

  1. General
    • Eqbac Secure Services, hereafter also referred to as “the service” is a free service provided by Eqbac that, after successful registration, allows you access to your product portfolio, tax certificates, statements and other services as well as transacting, where relevant, for participating Eqbac businesses.
    • Participating Eqbac businesses include certain entities and businesses from the Eqbac Group (consisting of Eqbac Limited and its direct and indirect subsidiaries) among others:
    • The service is accessible:
      • on the web via the Eqbac website,
      • on the Eqbac Mobile App downloaded from an online app store.
    • After authentication, and for your convenience, we may allow access to other secure Eqbac sites without requiring you to log on again.
    • Please make sure that you understand these Terms and Conditions as they constitute a binding agreement between you and Eqbac.
    • These Terms and Conditions are also referred to as T&Cs or Terms of Use.
  2. These Terms of Use
    • apply to users of Eqbac Secure Services as described,
    • apply along with any other T&Cs that govern your products and services with Eqbac,
    • become effective when you access the service for the first time, and
    • constitute a binding agreement between you and Eqbac.
  3. How does Eqbac make T&Cs available to you?
    • T&Cs for Secure Services are available on our website and as links on individual pages.
    • Eqbac may amend these terms from time to time. Should this happen, you will be required to accept the amended T&Cs before continuing use of the service.
    • You cannot use the Secure Services without accepting the latest T&Cs.
  4. Legal Entities
    • For the purposes of these Terms of Use, Eqbac is defined as Eqbac Limited as well as its participating Eqbac businesses (referred to above) as the case may be.
  5. Registration to use the service
    • In order to register, you need to own a product or service available from one of the participating Eqbac businesses.
    • Valid users include individuals acting on their own behalf, proxies (individuals acting on behalf of other individuals) and authorised representatives (individuals acting on behalf of non-natural entities).
    • You may not use false information or impersonate any person or entity during the process.
    • You agree that Eqbac may verify your cell phone number and/ or email address used during registration, with your mobile network provider.
  6. Requirements to access the service
    • To access the service, you need a computer, cellular phone or other device (e.g. an iPad or Tablet) with Internet connectivity and the necessary operating system and capability to run the service.
    • You need to have a cellphone number and email address.
    • You are responsible for buying, installing and maintaining your connection to the Internet and must pay all related costs and fees.
    • If you access the service via a cell phone you need access to a cell phone and a SIM card.
    • You are responsible to buy your own cell phone and SIM card and register with a mobile network provider.
    • You are responsible to keep your devices safe by updating to the latest versions of operating and security software and by running reputable antivirus software.
    • You are not allowed to intentionally disable the security mechanisms on any computer, cell phone or other device used to access the service, with the aim to install unauthorised software, modify system or data files or preferences, or to bypass specific security features.
  7. How does the service work?
    By accessing this service, you agree to the following:
    • In order to deliver the service, Eqbac uses information you provide to identify your products and deliver a combined portfolio view across various Eqbac business - the list of which can change from time to time.
    • As you purchase additional products or services your portfolio summary automatically expands to include these.
    • Eqbac uses your information and online activity in an aggregated manner to continuously develop and improve the service.
    • Once you have successfully logged in, and depending on the products in your portfolio, you may be allowed to access other relevant Eqbac sites without logging in again.
    • The service makes use of certain cookies in order to provide the service. Cookies are text files containing small amounts of information, which your computer or mobile device downloads when you visit the website. Cookies help us to understand how the website is used, let you navigate between pages and generally improve your browsing experience. Some cookies are essential for the functioning of the service and others help with the performance and design of the service. Other cookies help us understand your interests as you browse the internet, so we can tailor and render to you more personalised content and services in the future. If you do not want to receive a cookie from the service, you have the option of setting your browser to notify you when you receive a cookie, so that you may determine whether to accept it or not. However, please be aware that if you do turn off 'cookies' in your browser, you will not be able to fully experience some of the features of the service.
  8. Transacting
    • You authorise Eqbac to execute any transactions or instructions initiated through the service.
    • The normal transaction rules and requirements apply for instructions initiated through the service. Should you be required to provide additional documentation, Eqbac will contact you directly.
    • Although the service is deemed to be available 24/7, the normal daily transaction cut-off times and rules apply.
    • Due to time delays and pending transactions, product information presented may vary from the administration platforms. Should this be the case when your online instruction is received by Eqbac, you will be contacted to provide an alternative.
  9. Allowing a person to act on your behalf("Proxy")
    • You can allow another person to act on your behalf (as a "proxy") by completing the required registration process.
    • Eqbac will act on all authorised instructions received from this person as if they were from yourself.
    • This authorisation only applies to the service and does not apply when you engage with Eqbac through other servicing channels.
  10. Availability
    • We aim to make the service available seven days a week, 24 hours a day. It may however be unavailable from time to time due to routine maintenance, emergency repairs or circumstances beyond our control, e.g. electricity blackouts or telecommunications network problems.
    • Product information presented on this channel may be delayed. You can always confirm the most recent product information by contacting Eqbac’s Client Contact Centre.
  11. Privacy
    • Eqbac is committed to maintaining the privacy of your personal information. In order to provide the service, Eqbac collects personal information that you voluntarily provide. You acknowledge that in order for Eqbac to make the service available to you in accordance with these Terms of Use, Eqbac shall process, which includes to collect and use, personal information (names, ID numbers, email address, cell-phone number), browsing history and mobile app activity for internal purposes with the aim to provide, secure and improve the service, keep a list of registered users and keep record of actions executed.
    • Eqbac will not share your personal information with any third party outside of the Eqbac Group except as is necessary to provide the service to you or where otherwise permitted in terms of applicable laws. This includes disclosures to third party service providers that assist us with making the service available to you. We may also share your information if we are required to in terms of applicable laws. Some of the recipients of your personal information may be based outside of the Republic of Mauritius in jurisdictions with lesser data protection regulation, but we will ensure that they are subject to binding agreement or policy which effectively upholds the principles for lawful processing of personal information as set out in the Protection of Personal Information Act, 2013.
    • You agree to allow Eqbac to store cookies on your device (see section 7.5 above for more information on the cookies we use).
    • For more information on how Eqbac handles personal information and how to exercise your rights as a data subject, please also refer to Eqbac’s Privacy Notice available on
  12. For your protection and security
    • Since we deal in a non face-to-face environment, you must enter the correct security credentials, for example username and password or app PIN, every time you access the service.
  13. Protect your credentials
    • You must take the necessary precautions to prevent unauthorised persons to access the service using your credentials.
    • It is good practice to change your credentials from time to time, even if you do not suspect that someone else may have gained unlawful access thereto.
    • Depending on device capability, fingerprint authentication ("Touch ID") may be enabled. Any fingerprint enrolled on your device can be used to unlock your device and access the service via the app. Eqbac will treat the information accessed and transactions performed as if it were authorised by you.
    • Never show or give your credentials to another person, including employees of Eqbac.
    • Eqbac will never ask you to click on a link to confirm your credentials or provide personal information.
    • Eqbac will never ask you to provide or confirm your credentials via an e-mail, SMS or instant message.
    • If you suspect that someone else knows your username or password, please change it immediately or contact the Client Contact Centre to disable your account.
    • If you want to disable your account, please phone our Client Contact Centre. The details are available on the website.
    • You can manage mobile device access to your profile via Profile Settings on the website.
  14. Protecting yourself
    • Information sent over unsecured networks or communication systems, can be unlawfully monitored, intercepted or accessed. Although Eqbac takes all reasonable steps to prevent this, the risk remains with you.
    • Please read and take note of the security tips and information available on the website from time to time.
    • It is recommended that you do not use public computers such as those in internet cafes but if you do, take special care as your credentials could be compromised.
  15. Restricted Use
    • The service is the property of Eqbac.
    • You are not allowed at all to reverse engineer, decompile, disassemble or attempt to modify any part of the service.
    • You may not post or upload any content that is of an unacceptable, unethical or unlawful nature (e.g. content that is threatening, libellous, defamatory, obscene, scandalous, inflammatory, pornographic or profane) or content that could even potentially damage Eqbac’s image or reputation or impair its ability to do business. For this purpose, Eqbac will be entitled to monitor such content.
  16. No Liability
    Although we take reasonable care to prevent harm or loss to you, Eqbac will not be liable for any loss or damage you may suffer arising from your ability or inability to use the Service. This will not apply where the loss arises due to Eqbac’s gross negligence or intent. To the fullest extent permitted by law, Eqbac makes the service available on an ‘as is’ basis with no warranties whatsoever. 16.2. In addition to the above, to the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, Eqbac is not liable for:
    • 16.2.1. Loss due to unauthorised interception or monitoring, and/or
    • 16.2.2. Losses suffered by yourself, Eqbac or a third party due to someone other than yourself using your username, password, PIN, or fingerprint (where mobile devices allow such fingerprint ID verification capabilities).
  17. Termination of service
    • We may end this service at any time or end your right to use the service after giving you reasonable notice.
    • We may also end your right to use the service immediately and without notice if:
      • 17.2.1. You commit fraud or are suspected to do so,
      • 17.2.2. If we believe your use of the service was inappropriate, including uploading content as envisaged in 15.3, or
      • 17.2.3. If the law requires us to do so.
    • You may deactivate your account at any time by contacting our Client Contact Centre.
  18. Intellectual property rights
    • The service and all its contents, including web and app pages, software, text, graphics, icons, hyperlinks, private information and designs, are owned or licensed by Eqbac.
    • As the intellectual property rights, referred to immediately above, are protected against infringement by local and international legislation and treaties, it may not be used in any way without Eqbac or the licensor’s prior written consent.
    • To obtain Eqbac’s consent, please address the request to
  19. Jurisdiction and applicable law
    • Your use of the service will for all purposes relating to its use, constitute your consent and submission to the jurisdiction of the High Court of Mauritius (Western Cape Division, Cape Town).
    • Any claim arising from :
      • 19.2.1 The use or inability to use the website,
      • 19.2.2 An application for, and the rendering of a service or providing of a product, is subject to the laws of the Republic of Mauritius - in respect of both the basis of the claim (contract, delict (tort), or any other) and the law relating to procedure and evidence.
    • All proceedings will be held in English and the unsuccessful party will be liable to pay all costs incurred by the successful party, including costs as between attorney and own client.
  20. General Provisions
    • No failure or delay by Eqbac to exercise any of its rights will be construed as a waiver of any such right.
    • If any of these Terms and Conditions is held to be invalid, unlawful or unenforceable, the term or condition will be deleted from the remaining Terms and Conditions which will continue to be valid to the full extent permitted.

Eqbac's Privacy Statement

This Privacy Notice describes how the Eqbac Group collects, uses, discloses, retains, and protects your personal information in accordance with the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (POPIA) and other applicable laws.

This Privacy Notice applies to any website, application, form, document, product, or service that refers to it. It also supplements any other privacy policies that may apply to the processing of personal information by Eqbac Group entities.

Personal information is defined as "information relating to an identifiable, living, natural person, and, where applicable, an identifiable, existing juristic person" under POPIA. This includes, but is not limited to, your name, gender, sex, address, contact information, identification number, and medical or health information.

Please note that this Privacy Notice may previously have been referred to on this website as a "privacy policy" or "privacy statement" and therefore some documents or forms may still refer to this Privacy Notice as a "privacy policy" or "privacy statement".

What we stand for

Any reference to "Eqbac", "the Eqbac Group", or "we" in this Privacy Notice refers to one or more of the entities, affiliates, or subsidiaries of the Eqbac Group operating in the Mauritius.

How we gather information

In accordance with applicable laws, we collect personal information about you and any other person whose details you provide to us, either:

Directly from you when you complete a product or service application form, whether electronically, over the phone, or on paper; Indirectly from you when you interact with us electronically via our website, apps, or social media channels, which may include the collection of metadata (data about data);

In the context of medical schemes and group insurance policies, from retirement funds, employers, and other contracted entities; and, where relevant, from third-party sources such as other entities within the Eqbac Group, financial intermediaries that are representatives of Eqbac Group entities or have intermediary agreements with Eqbac Group entities, public databases, data aggregators, other financial institutions, credit bureaus, and fraud prevention agencies.

We will also collect your information if you only partially completed and/or abandoned any information you started to apply to our website and/or other online forms. Given that we already consider you a customer at this point, we may contact you using this information to remind you to complete outstanding information.

If we need personal information from you in order to provide you with our products and services, your failure to provide us with that information will result in the Eqbac Group being unable to provide you with those products and services. If you do not provide complete and accurate information when providing such services, the appropriateness of the advice may be jeopardised. It is your responsibility to notify the Eqbac Group if your information changes.

Third-party information collection

When you use these links, the owners or information system administrators of third-party websites that have links to the Eqbac website may collect personal information about you. Eqbac has no control over third-party collection or use of personal information, and this privacy statement does not apply to them. Eqbac accepts no liability or responsibility for third-party policies or your use of a third-party app, platform, or service.

Eqbac also communicates with the public and Eqbac clients through social networking sites such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Twitter. When you communicate with Eqbac via these services, the social networking service may collect personal information about you. On the pages where the links are displayed, these services may track your use of our digital channels. If you use our digital channels while logged into those services (including any Google service), their tracking will be associated with your profile with those service providers. These services have their own privacy policies that are separate from Eqbac's policies and practises. Please ensure that you are fully aware of any such third-party privacy policies and practises.

With your permission, Eqbac will only provide data to third-party information exchange services, such as the Financial Services Exchange (Pty) Ltd, trading as Astute.

What data do we collect?

The nature of the personal information processed by Eqbac and the purpose for which such personal information is collected and used are determined by your relationship with Eqbac. However, if we are handling your personal information as part of our role as an insurer, we may process the following personal information:

Information about you, such as your name, identification number, age, gender, date of birth, nationality, occupation, lifestyle, current health status, medical history, and any existing conditions for each insured person. If you file a claim, we may collect personal information about the claim and any relevant third parties from you. We recognise that health-related information is unique personal information. Please keep in mind that we will only use that information in accordance with applicable laws and for insurance purposes (such as assessing the terms of the insurance contract, dealing with policy changes, and/or dealing with claims).

Contact information - for example, we may receive your email, address, phone number, and postal address in some cases.

If you use our websites, apps, and/or social media channels, we may collect information such as cookies and your IP address (the internet address of your computer).

We may process financial information relating to payments you make or receive in connection with an insurance policy or claim. In order to provide financial advice and intermediary services, we may process information about your income, expenses, assets, liabilities, investments, retirement, and other financial provisions.

Contractual information, such as details about the policies you hold and who holds them.

Health information, such as smoking status or medical issues related to a policy or a claim you have made.

In some cases, we may require your consent to process your personal information. If you give us your consent for a specific context, you can withdraw it at any time. Please keep in mind that if you withdraw your consent, the processing that occurred prior to your withdrawal will not be affected, nor will the processing of your personal information where consent is not required.

If you refuse to provide us with your personal information, we may be unable to provide you with a relevant service or must end our business relationship. Certain types of personal information, particularly those collected to comply with regulations, are legally required.

What we do with your information

We have regulatory obligations to process your personal information, including anti-money laundering legislation. This includes confirming your identity as well as the identities of your beneficial owner and/or controlling persons. Various laws also require us to keep a record of our interactions with clients.

We need to collect, use, and disclose the personal information of clients, their representatives, controlling persons of entities, business contacts, client staff, and service providers in order to provide them with the financial products and services they have requested and to notify them of important changes to such products and services.

Eqbac may use your information as follows, to the extent permitted by applicable laws:

  • To provide you with financial products and services while also maintaining our relationship with you;
  • To provide financial advice and intermediary services to you;
  • To finalise and manage your application, which may include underwriting;
  • To carry out a transaction in response to your request;
  • To evaluate, verify, and process claims;
  • To fulfil our contractual obligations to you or to take the steps necessary to enter into a contract with you;
  • In relation to the administration of any securities you may hold in relation to an Eqbac Group entity (where applicable);
  • To adhere to legislative and regulatory requirements, such as codes of conduct and the requirements of our regulators (including the Financial Sector Conduct Authority and the Prudential Authority);
  • To conduct credit reference checks and/or verification; To detect and prevent illegal activity, fraud, money-laundering, and loss, including as part of party due diligence required by applicable laws and Eqbac Group policies;
  • For the purposes of debt recovery or debt tracing; for online login and authorization;
  • To carry out the strategic initiatives of the Eqbac Group; To perform any risk analysis or risk management for you or our business in general;
  • To record and/or monitor, as well as have access to, your telephone calls (i.e. voice recordings), correspondence, and electronic communications to/with us (or any of our employees, agents, or contractors) in order to accurately carry out your instructions and requests, to use as evidence, and to prevent crime;
  • to ensure the safety of our digital channels and systems
  • For the purposes of statistical analysis and research;

To improve your experience when interacting with the Eqbac Group and to help us improve our offerings to you; For audit and record-keeping purposes; For proof and legal proceedings;

To share with other Eqbac Group entities in order for us to market our financial products and services that we deem similar, with the goal of offering you the opportunity to take up some of the financial products to meet your needs, provided you have not objected to receiving such marketing;

To conduct market research and provide you with information about our products and services from time to time via email, phone, or other means (for example, to invite you to events); To process your marketing preferences (where you have unsubscribed from certain direct marketing communications, keeping a record of your information and request to ensure that we do not send such direct marketing to you again); To prevent or control the spread of any disease; and To any other purpose

Sharing your knowledge

Eqbac Group entities will only share your personal information with third parties if there is a legitimate reason to do so. The following entities may receive the personal information you provide to us:

Other third parties in relation to the purposes set out in the previous section (How we use your information); Other insurers, public bodies, and law enforcement (either directly or through shared databases) for fraud detection and prevention; and Reinsurers who provide reinsurance services to Eqbac and for other Eqbac Group entities. Reinsurers will use your personal information to determine whether to provide reinsurance coverage, to assess and handle reinsurance claims, and to comply with legal obligations.

  • Hannover Re Mauritius Limited is a subsidiary of Hannover Re.
  • Swiss Re Africa Limited is a company based in Africa.
  • General Reinsurance Africa Limited is a company that provides insurance in Africa.
  • Mauritius RGA Reinsurance Company Limited
  • SCOR Life and Health Insurance

Eqbac will process and share your personal information with other companies in the Eqbac Group in order to facilitate your participation in a loyalty or rewards programme. Your personal information may also be shared with third-party suppliers from time to time in order to facilitate and provide benefits to you through a loyalty or rewards programme, or when necessary to fulfil our contractual obligations to you.

Your personal information will not be sold, rented, or traded to a third party by Eqbac. Eqbac may share your information with financial advisers who are Eqbac representatives or have intermediary agreements with Eqbac. Eqbac may also share information within the Eqbac Group when doing so is in Eqbac's legitimate interest.

Eqbac will disclose information when legally required to do so in the following circumstances: to comply with any relevant legislation; to comply with any legal process; and by any regulatory body (for example, the Financial Sector Conduct Authority or Prudential Authority).

Eqbac may, for legitimate reasons, share aggregated information with its stakeholders and business partners (for example, demographic data) in a way that does not identify the individuals to whom the information applies on occasion. Eqbac, on the other hand, will not disclose your personal information to third parties unless there is a valid processing ground, as defined in Section 11 of the POPIA.

Cross-border transfer

Some of the people to whom we may disclose your personal information may be located outside of the Republic of Mauritius (RSA), in jurisdictions with different data protection laws than the RSA. In this regard, we may send your personal information outside of the RSA to service providers for storage or processing on Eqbac's behalf. We will not, however, send your information to a country that does not have information protection legislation similar to that of the RSA unless we have ensured that the recipient agrees to effectively adhere to the POPIA principles for information processing.

Information security and storage

Eqbac is committed to maintaining the integrity and confidentiality of your personal information. Eqbac has put in place appropriate technical and organisational information security measures (such as using encryption for credit card number transmission) to keep your information secure, accurate, current, and complete. We cannot, however, guarantee the security of any information you transmit to us via the internet, and you do so at your own risk.

We ensure that third parties who are required to process your personal information for the purposes outlined in this notice and other legal requirements are contractually bound to use appropriate security practises.

Your personal information will be kept and used for legal, regulatory, fraud prevention, and legitimate business purposes only.

Information access rights

In certain circumstances, the Promotion of Access to Information Act (PAIA) and the POPIA grant an individual the right to access information held by a public or private body. This right can be exercised in accordance with the PAIA manual for Eqbac.

Your information has been corrected.

According to POPIA, you have the right to have any of your personal information held by Eqbac corrected. This right should be exercised in accordance with the Eqbac PAIA manual's procedure.

Objection to the processing of your data

In accordance with POPIA, you may object to our processing of your personal information on reasonable grounds relating to your specific situation, unless such processing is required by law.


When you provide your personal information to an Eqbac Group entity in connection with the sale of one of our products or services, you agree to such Eqbac Group entity sending you information on news, trends, services, events, and promotions for our own similar products and or services, subject to your right to opt out of receiving such marketing at the time your information is collected and on each subsequent marketing communication thereafter.

If you choose to exercise your right to opt out of direct marketing, please allow Eqbac up to 21 days to make the necessary changes.

Data from the clickstream

Eqbac may collect anonymous information from visitors to its websites in the interest of providing better customer service. Eqbac, for example, tracks the domains from which people visit its website and measures visitor activity on its website. Eqbac ensures that the information cannot be used to identify you during the process. This information is also referred to as "clickstream data" at times. This data may be used by Eqbac or its analytics vendors (including Google Analytics) to analyse trends and statistics and to provide better customer service.

Your IP address; the search terms you used; the pages accessed on the website and the links you clicked on; the date and time you visited the website; the referring website (if any) through which you clicked through to our website; and the type of website browser you use are all examples of information that may be collected.

As previously stated, the traffic data is aggregated and not personally identifiable, and our website analysis will also take into account any 'do not track' settings you may have on your web browser.


When you visit a website, a cookie is a small text file that is downloaded onto your 'terminal equipment' (such as a computer or smartphone). It enables the website to recognise your device and store information about your preferences or previous actions.

What kind of cookies do we use?

Some of the cookies we use are required for our website to function properly. Some cookies assist us in improving the performance and design of our website. This enables us to determine how many times a page has been visited, as well as whether a page was accessed via an advertisement or another method. Other cookies assist us in remembering your settings or assisting with other functionality when you browse and use our website. This helps us remember what you chose so that when you return, we remember your preferences. We use cookies on certain pages of the website to help us understand your interests as you browse the internet, so that we can tailor and deliver more personalised content and services to you in the future. This helps us deliver relevant advertising to you during various advertising campaigns we may run from time to time through third-party sites that participate.

Furthermore, on certain pages of our website, we use cookies to communicate with third-party data suppliers in order to extrapolate your digital behaviour. This assists us in better understanding and targeting more relevant advertising in the future. The data we receive is all aggregate and anonymous, but it will include demographics, online behaviour, product interests, and lifestyle statistics.

How do I turn off cookies?

If you do not want to receive cookies from the website, you can configure your browser to notify you when a cookie is received so that you can decide whether or not to accept it. Please be aware, however, that if you disable 'cookies' in your browser, you will not be able to fully experience some of the website's features. You will, for example, be unable to use automatic log-on and other personalization features.


While few, if any, of Eqbac's websites are aimed specifically at children, Eqbac is committed to adhering to all applicable laws aimed specifically at the protection of children and, in particular, the protection of their personal information.


This privacy statement was most recently updated in February 2023. When the Privacy Notice is materially changed, a notice will be posted on the Eqbac website home page.

Please visit the website on a regular basis to ensure you are aware of the most recent version of this Privacy Notice.

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